Office Minigolf Game

Ein originelles, sehr witziges Minigolf Game, das auf den Buerotischen von liebenswerten und vielleicht ein wenig durchgeknallten Office-Mitarbeitern gespielt wird.

Welcome visitors from the UK :) not hesitate to stay for a while...;) This site has a lot more in store than a famous Office Golf Game. Here you can play hockey, soccer, tennis, free texas hold'em or other handpicked games without any registration or costs. Look around and enjoy. But if you wanna leave anyway, you sure may do so. As a farewell let's try the game, that you English people like most to play with us German krauts: » farewell for the leaving ones.

Alternatively let's meet on Haxball ;) Infos zu Tischeishockey & coole Online Sport Games spielen... ;)


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